Value for Money.

We are professional problem solvers and we use our experience to help stretch what can be achieved within your budget which will add value to your project. We can recommend a quantity surveyor to provide you with a detailed budget costing at the early stage. We can help you find a competitive contractor and propose design solutions to reduce the overall running costs of your home. Our fee will prove a sound investment at a fraction of the cost of the overall project budget.


We can provide a design which is unique and out of the ordinary. We are trained designers and will find inventive ways to meet your individual client requirements and enhance your living environment. We start with a blank sheet every time.

Peace of Mind.

You have an experienced professional on your side who knows the construction industry inside out. You are working with someone who has undertaken 7 years of architectural training in order to use the term 'Architect' which is a protected title. HOUSE7 architects is a fully registered RIAI practice. When the contractor is selected, we administer an RIAI building contract to provide added protection for the client.

Setting the Design Brief.

A design brief is your wish list, it will cover everything that we need to know about what you want from your project. A detailed design brief is essential to success and should be clear and unambiguous. One of our most important design skills is helping the client formulate this brief. We can help identify the best and worse spatial characteristics of your home and offer ideas that will enhance your living space.


Careful listening and face-to-face dialogue with the client ensures that the client is happy with the designs that we produce. We use a jargon free language along with our extensive experience at each consultation to present the design. We illustrate this through drawings, 3-D imaging and 3-D printed scale models where required.


Standard services to be provided are set down in a detailed formal agreement between client and HOUSE7 architects from the outset. Our services are categorized into four distinctive design packages which include PACK [A]- Initial Design, PACK [B]- Developed Design, PACK [C]- Detail Design and PACK [D]- Construction. The agreement will record details of your project and services to be provided.


It is important to be aware of the approvals that are needed from the local authority for planning and building regulations, as well as legislation that might affect your plans, such as party wall agreements. We can guide you through matters as they develop. We can also assist in making the necessary submission for approvals and handle negotiations with the statutory bodies, if required.

Building Contract.

This is a legally binding legal commitment between you and your selected contractor to deliver your project. We can administer this contract on your behalf. It is not uncommon for building projects to contain hidden surprises such as poor ground conditions, for example, that can have an impact on design and cost. The best way to prepare for this is with an adequate RIAI building contract written to manage such events fairly from each party's point of view.

Fee Options.

There is no 'standard' 'recommended' basis for calculation. We can provide a fixed cost lump sum fee where the scope of works is agreed upfront. In cases where the scope is harder to predict, or for services such as feasibility studies or those not relating to construction work, the quote can consist of an hourly or daily rate together with an estimate of time required.