General advice on:

- Architects fees and services.

- Design possibilities.

- General information on building costs.

- Discussion on building materials likely to be used.

- Planning requirements or Exempted Development from Planning.

- The documents that will be used for planning, tenders and building contracts  

Top 10 questions to ask:

1. What does an architect actually do?  Ask your architect to explain what they will bring to your  project and to differentiate what they do from the work of an engineer, a builder etc.

2. How can I spend my budget wisely?  An efficient build is not only about having a budget but  spending it intelligently. An architect can help you manage your money.

3. How can I save money and save the environment? Well‐designed rooms can reduce your  energy bills and carbon footprint and increase the value of your home.

4. How can an architect help me manage this project? Not everybody has the time or expertise to  be involved in the design and construction process. Your architect can help you.

5.  How can an architect help me to make decisions early? Making decisions or changing your  mind after the build has begun cost you time and money. Your architect can ensure that you  have a clear plan in place before anyone starts on site.

6. How will my house grow with me? Your architect can help you consider what your changing  family will need from your home as you get older and design a “Lifetime Home.”

7. Have you done any projects like this before? Ask to see their portfolio to get a sense of their  previous work. It may also be useful to gain some ideas for your own house.

8. How long will the project take? It is important to get a timescale of how long the work will take.

9. Can an architect help me find a builder? Your architect can help you find a local builder that can  complete your project to a high standard and for a reasonable price.

10. How can you help ensure a perfect finished product? At the end of a job, your architect can  help you construct a snag list to ensure that you are completely happy with your new room / home.


We ask for a €90 donation which we forward on to the the Simon Communties of Ireland. For this you will receive a hour long consultation with a certified RIAI Architect. The consultation will take place at the RIAI, Merrion Square Dublin 2. They may also take place at your home subject to location. A limited number of consultations are available each month subject to availability.


Design Consultation:  What can you expect from this consultation?